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Permanently Burn World This amount of WLRD will be permanently locked in the contract. To win the pool, make sure you have burned more than anyone else.

To register: Click the register button. You will pay the game the current buy-in. 5% will go to the devs. 5% will go to your referrer, or to the current highest burner, if the referral address is empty.

To play: The game will start once 10 people register. The game is simple: burn WLRD. You lose that WRLD, and it is temporarily locked out of circulation. After the timer runs out, the game will end when the next person burns WRLD. The person who has burned the most WRLD wins the pot (50% of the contract's TRX balance)!

After the end of a round, a new round will start. You will have to register again, and the buy-in will increase with each new round.

This burner is an economic game. To learn more, check out the game details page. There are no refunds. 5% of the registration fee goes to the devs, and if you were referred by someone then 5% goes to that referrer. 50% of the contract balance is given for the prize at the end of each round.