Quick Start Guide

  • You have to register for each round you want to be a part of by paying the TRX buy-in fee.
  • Burn WRLD in order to beat the current high score.
  • When the time runs out, the first person to burn ends the game. Whoever has burned the highest amount at that point has won.


The faucet game is a good way to start getting WRLD into peoples' hands, but in order for something to be money, it has to be given in exchange for something. A key issue with most cryptoassets is that people HODL and speculate. They are not used. A currency, by definition, is a form of money that can be exchanged for a wide range of goods and services. In order to avoid this issue from arising with WRLD, a number of uses for WRLD will be developed. The first use is this burner game.

Another reason why this game exists is because the token was initially created with a very large supply: 1 trillion tokens. There are cryptotokens with an even greater supply, but WRLD is certainly up there. This decision was made because it allowed us to give out large sums to people, which does make it feel like they're getting something of value, and they are. But a large and very liquid supply causes high degrees of inflation. The burner game locks away tokens, at least temporarily, while promoting use. We can recover 1% of the amount of WRLD in the contract, each month. In the future, this ability will allow us to leverage WRLD for funding, without flooding the market. Together with the faucet game, and other games, WRLD will experience a push-pull effect that will create a healthy and active token.


Just like with many of the other parts of this IGO, there is a referral program. When you refer a new user, by including ?ref=[address] at the end of the URL, you'll get 5% of the buy-ins that the referred user pays, for the current round, and any future round. In other words, refer 20 people and your buy-in ends up being completely covered. And if the players continue to play in future rounds, you'll get even more. But the program gets even better. With most referral programs, if no referral information is provided, nobody gets anything, but in this case, if a user registers without a referral link, the current highest burner will be listed as the referrer, so it can really pay to be the highest burner at any given time. While you will continue to earn referral bonuses from anyone you referred in past rounds, your referral link will only be active if you are registered for the round in which someone registers using it.